Lend Me

June 11, 2013
By Tessa073 SILVER, Deerfield, New Hampshire
Tessa073 SILVER, Deerfield, New Hampshire
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Lend me your hand so I may fall
No more upon the ground
But a soft ground it lie
A problem may arise
If I'm left without aid in a crowd

Lend me your ear so my words
Have a net to throw themselves in
For without any net
I can not regret
Something not observed by my kin

And please lend me your lips
To whisper words my own will inhale
So lonely I may feel
With your words are appeal
Love giving my sad heart a trail

Oh dear lend me your eyes for mine have been blinded
I can't see where I've been or gone
Because that's what I need
I think, to see the past indeed
If you're there to lead me, your pawn

Right, now lend me your heart and tell me
What I should feel and for whom
Alone I can't do this
My own's gone amiss
Lend me your heart to save mine from doom

Interject now I plead 'fore i beg for your mind
Because all that I've done is been fed
So stop me and teach me
How to unlock the key
Of thinking with my own head

The author's comments:
People rely too much on others that sometimes they forget to form their own opinions. Everyone should always remember to be self aware of who you are and not just follow everyone else because it is easier.

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