Lend Me

June 11, 2013
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Lend me your hand so I may fall
No more upon the ground
But a soft ground it lie
A problem may arise
If I'm left without aid in a crowd

Lend me your ear so my words
Have a net to throw themselves in
For without any net
I can not regret
Something not observed by my kin

And please lend me your lips
To whisper words my own will inhale
So lonely I may feel
With your words are appeal
Love giving my sad heart a trail

Oh dear lend me your eyes for mine have been blinded
I can't see where I've been or gone
Because that's what I need
I think, to see the past indeed
If you're there to lead me, your pawn

Right, now lend me your heart and tell me
What I should feel and for whom
Alone I can't do this
My own's gone amiss
Lend me your heart to save mine from doom

Interject now I plead 'fore i beg for your mind
Because all that I've done is been fed
So stop me and teach me
How to unlock the key
Of thinking with my own head

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