Point of View

February 28, 2013
If it's true what they said,
I should probably already be dead,
I ask impossible questions,
Rising in the classroom,
"Is she allowed to ask them that,"
"Why not it was pulled from the hat..."

I sit listen and nod,
While quietly noting all the ford,
How can, she look me in the face and believe when I die I go to a dark place,
How can, he smile at me, when he thinks he know most posthumous destiny,

Well I laugh at all their 'knowledge',
I can't wait to go to college,
They don't understand,
They cant comprehend,
The truth at hand, the proof we live in,

Look outside what do you see,
"A beautiful sky and green scenery,"
Exactly, you don't see a third world country,

Making you believe that God doesn't lie,
Drowning prayer out with screams and cries,
You wont understand,
It's all new,
Thinking of people's different Point of View.

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Hope.B said...
Mar. 11, 2013 at 2:47 pm
Omg I feel exactly the same. When you are raised in your house/ school, you are taught one perspective and that it is the only one that is right! There are far too many perspectives in the world to settle on one. You realize you're wrong when you thought you were right, and your mind changes all the time! People with one strict point of view are usually the ones that get themselves into trouble, and can be extremely mean/ bullies because they refuse to attempt to understand someone else's point ... (more »)
fionamurphy replied...
Mar. 11, 2013 at 8:18 pm
Thank you so much! Yeah, the lack of understanding in this world is embarassing. Thank you for the comment!
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