Choices and Beliefs

February 20, 2013
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I wonder what it'd be like if I made better choices

Would I still be hearing voices

Would I still be getting high

Would I be ready to die

Would I be a lie?

I look at the choices and ask myself why?

Were they the smartest?

Why did I use my own friends as targets?

Maybe thats why i've lost so many throughout all this

Yeah I have bad anger

So if I snap and your near your in danger

So stay outta my range

But sometimes things happen for good is'nt it strange?

Dear Lord what would it cost for you to take me to the sky

I know it might not be the time

But id rather be in a place where I can not feel

Then be in a place where it takes time to heal

If you take me i'll have no more pain

No more busted knuckles with blood stains

God just take me away so I can see a better day

I've done what I can here

Can you tell me if heavans near?

With you I have nothing to fear

So come on Lord help me steer

Theres nothing left for me here

Im just trying to make myself clear

Ive done all I can do

Did I make good choices only God has a clue

So take me by the hand

On the golden streets I shall land

In front of the gates

Where my new home awaits

To this planet I have nothing left to say

But to heaven let the angels know im on my way.

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