First Love

February 5, 2013
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Who was I to this blonde goddess?
Beauty, brilliance, yet still modest.
Awestruck by her loveliness,
I dreamed of stealing my first kiss,
Entranced by all of her finesse
As her hips swung between the desks,
Who could blame me for all this?
Just look at her ruby lips,
I am human, pardon me,
For feeling so romantically,
For some reason, she smiles at me,
How did I get this lucky?
She permeates sheer confidence,
But kindness maintains her balance.
I, new to this foolish game,
Knew I would never feel the same,
Snap out of this silly trance,
My grades are falling on the lance,
Goosebumps for six hours straight
Makes it hard to concentrate,
In dreams, ‘twas her I’d serenade,
And I was just in second grade.
The thought of her and I together,
Looms within my heart forever,
However, some dreams aren’t so prudent,
Because to her, I was a student.

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