Masquerade of Life

January 31, 2013
Masquerade of the unknown, dance with the beat.
Never stop the motions, movements nice and neat.
The Ball of life we attend, we will always be dancing.
You must keep going onward, every step is chancing.
Just take a partner by the hand, dance close together.
Do not push them away too far, you will lose them forever.
Every face masked and hidden, be careful who you dance with.
Madness in some who wish to dance, show no gentleness of your kith.
When the dance peaks, the beat begins to pick up fast.
Hurry now dancer, for this moment will not last.
Blurred dancers all around, can’t make out the faces.
See the colors and the riches, the things everyone chases.
We are given no fair warning, as the dance starts to slow.
Everyone is oblivious, the intensity will strongly grow.
Watch your back, for here comes a stranger, no one has seen before.
In all black, except his skull mask, he makes his way through the door.
See him dance with others, who soon leave with no excuse.
He is sneaky and unexpected, not knowing who he'll choose.
The end of our Masquerade, the one brings down the muse.
Death has come to dance again, his plague he shall diffuse.

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