Social Classes

February 3, 2013
By akeeper97 GOLD, New City, New York
akeeper97 GOLD, New City, New York
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The sky so clear
Nothing to fear
Until the clouds begin to roll in

Now the nobles arrive
And oh how they thrive
Off the poor peasant peoples

They strike one down
Force them into the ground
Yet all the peoples look away

One man stands tall
Says he will take it all
How cruel the pitiless can be

Clear as day
This martyr shall pay
For his crime is quite unjust

Others will watch
His guts will blotch
His limp body to be lynched at dawn

The ground stained red
The crows now fed
A lesson learned for the peoples

Never disobey
The noble's say
The lesson has been learnt:
Rich are right and Poor are wrong

The author's comments:
Tale of Two Cities inspired me

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