January 18, 2013
You're here for me,
Through thick and thin,
You make me smile,
When I want to cringe,

When tears,
Roll down my face,
I know you'll be there,
To take her place,

Ive never had,
A girl like you,
A genuine soul,
With the heart of 2,

You lift my spirits,
When im down,
You give me a reason,
Not to frown,

You're my cousin,
And my best friend too,
You can't have fam(ily)
Without (I love you)

If you need to talk,
Blow off some dust,
I'll be right here,
A true friend you can trust,

I'd give my life,
For you and you only,
If I couldn't save you, I'd come with,
So you wouldn't be lonely.

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