January 11, 2013
help me Lord to stay awake
while the earth around me quakes
help me so i do not fall
for i do not have the strength at all

the earth quakes because of sin
i need your help once again
i'm falling asleep from within
so help me Lord for i am falling

i'm falling down into sleep
come dear Lord and rescue your sheep
for we are weak and you are strong
for you are right and we are wrong

the sleep is what i mean
by falling away from the word
come save me Lord
and return me back to thee

i will one day be sinking down
sinking down into the ground
and when i do i pray to God
come take me home to you above

to home above into your glory
in your presence there is no worry
all my pain will be forever gone
because Christ sits on the throne

on the throne in His eternal glory
i will serve Jesus forever
i will live in eternal wonder
and still will serve Jesus forever

this is all the more that i can say
that Christ our Lord is risen today
today is risen and forever will be
Christ our Lord is the only way you see

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