January 11, 2013
My God my God help me this day
help straighten my feelings that are in disarray
calm my heart and calm my soul
O Lord please make it so

I don't know where to turn
I have so much more to learn
so teach me dear God what i need to know
to help me learn, to help me grow

to grow in the spirit
so help me grow in it
for i am weak
and i can't do it

I feel like i'm in love
but i need help from above
to help me know what i feel
to know if this love is for real

I don't want to move on until
I know for sure what is your will
to know if we are to be one
or if i am to marry none

may our God show us soon
as to what to do
before we make a mistake
and then it becomes to late.

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