We'll See

December 30, 2012
He performs these tasks,
for money and fame.
Does he have no pride,
connected to his name?

I used to think like that,
but life was shallow and cold.
Why would I give up what I love,
for something that only brings gold?

I ask him why he does it,
and he says "It'll make me money one day".
I can't help but wonder to myself,
how can he do that only for pay?

My question is answered,
when his friends join in the chat.
He repeats his little monologue,
and says he'll make the most cash.

The saddest thing is that,
it's not only him I tell you.
He is not the only one,
who lives for material of no true value.

It brings tears to my eyes,
that this is what life has become.
A competition for meaningless things,
a battle between brainwashed bums.

I question why I am here,
the purpose of my bones.
Is the sole reason for living,
to own the fanciest car, house and phone?

If it is,
then I am sickened.
I am sickened,
and confused.
I don't know what to do,
to change these horrific views.

I guess that's just it then,
nobody knows how.
We'll just have to wait,
until our future becomes the now.

We’ll see who was right,
and we’ll see who was wrong.
We’ll see what has happened,
and we’ll see what we have done.

But if we decide that we don’t like it,
then we’ll decide that it should change.
Unfortunately though for most of us,
we have already decided our fate.

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