A Final Goodbye

December 30, 2012
I walk into the funeral home, and all I see
Are smiling faces staring back at me
Everbody around me is smiling
But deep down, their souls are crying
I want to scream, I want to cry
But I just take a seat avoiding watching eyes
The preacher comes in and begins to pray
I'm so tempted to get up and just walk away
But instead I decide to stay
As I quickly wipe the tears away
I look at your body, lifeless and so cold
You knew were dieing, and stayed so strong and bold
The preacher finishes his prayer and everyone leaves
I begin to cry as I fall to my knees
As I close my eyes and begin to pray
I get a feeling that everything will be O.K.
I stand up and walk away
As the sun begins to set on that cold summer day
I whisper goodbye, I know you'll be O.K.
I hope to see you again, in heaven some day

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