Cubby The Bi-Polar Bear

November 25, 2012
Bears come in all shapes and sizes,
Like the inside of a piñata, they’re full of surprises.
They have all kinds of moods and tastes,
They love all sorts of food, from honey to tooth pastes.

But I’m going to tell you a story,
Of a bear who was a little bit different.
Not in a bad way, no of course,
It wasn’t as if he thought he was a horse!
His name was Cubby and he was weird
He lived with some elves and a man with a beard.
But, you see, it wasn’t just that
Or his affinity for funky hats.
He got kind of sad you see,
But also kind of happy, indubitably.

Poor Cubby couldn’t really make up his mind,
Whether he was sad or happy.
In fact, it drove him just a bit batty.

One day, Santa came to him and said,
‘’Cubby, my Bi-polar bear,
Why don’t you join me and as my companion,
Off to a fun little place where reason is abandon,
A place where they have fountains, indeed,
Of Coca-Cola and ice cream mountains, you see.
So won’t you join me for a bout,
To the Big Rock Candy Mount?”

Cubby thought to himself and tapped his head,
‘’I do grow tired of veggies and bread,
I wish to have some of this Coke that you said.’’

And so, Santa and Cubby hoisted his sleigh,
And headed to the Candy Mount that day.
Cubby is now presided,
The King of Candy town,
That is in fact, if he weren’t so undecided.

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