A Story to Tell

November 11, 2012
We all love a good story to hear
Of joy, or of anger, or fear
We listen or read
In books or TV
Into lives of others we peer

But what is it that we people want?
A happy tale, or horror and daunt?
We all say we want fear
But then cover our ears
When the horror does nearingly taunt

We all love a good happy ending
We love to see care and lightheartedness tending
We take the thrill for what it's worth
But it's joy that gives birth
To the happiness our minds love sending

Sometimes tales of horrors and thrills can be nice
Something to give life a dash of some spice
For as long as it's fake
For diversity's sake
A tragedy oftentimes can be used to entice

So as long as the story is good
Contains the proper plot elements it should
Then spice up the emotion!
Bring about some new notions!
Set it however you choose

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