Halloween Night in Ringgold

November 3, 2012
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A ghost town in Ringgold,
The streets are silent.
No one to be seen for miles to
A tumble weed rolls across the
All to be heard is the wind howling
through the trees.
A cold chill runs up my back.
The night sky leaves me with
nothing but a full moon to light
my way home.
As I walk past Caffeine Addicts, I
see a light flickering.
All at once I here leaves crunch
behind me.
I turn my head to see nothing back
Paranoid, I continue walking.
Then a howl begins.
Something howling into the night
Currently I'm in front of the
I start running, running, running.
Faster, faster, and faster.
Trying to escape whatever mystical
thing that was chasing me.
It seems as if no matter how fast I
run, I can't escape.
I decide I will have to face the
I turn around, and out of the
shadows, creeps
The three most terrifying, scary,
ugly killers.
The Pink Unicorns!

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