Flutterby Scars

October 7, 2012
By , Tulsa, OK
Golden rainbows are dancing in the heart,

Eyes spilling a painted art.

Memories spun into a metaphoric dream,

Painting darkness into the atmospheric beam.

Wounded heart is decorated by delicate crimson teardrops of fate,

Emotions are intricately woven in a complex patterned state.

The crystal sun has been cracked,

If it shatters then the world will become cold, warmth re -contracted.

Don’t indulge in a suicide silence; the evilness will reach its wicked climax,

Heart shaped lens in eyes drips lazy lax.

A strange being with immortal feelings, heart shallow,

Wearing emotions like a glowing halo.

Wings tattooed to back,

Wishing to fly with the angels, but courage lacks.

Rainbow aura is fusing with poisonous eruption,

Complexity is the name falling into empty distraction.

Hard to figure out,

Ignorance then rudely shouts,

Sending shivers of temptation.

Life is a complex puzzle piece, broken foundation,

The pen is the razor.

Heart bleeding ink, insanity favors,

Tears are crimson,

Dreams cloaked with a secret nightmare inviting grim fun,

Living in an imagination world.

Fairytales dancing it’s happily ever after swirl,

Picking worded flowers.

Basket filled with metaphors, weakened mind seeks power

Lifting a piece of a word, taking a savoring bite.

Sentiments are overcome with an un-natural fright,

Butterfly scars are fluttering down the blemished wrist

This poetic life of confusion has left a long list.

Printed with memories from the past, present, and future,

Swallowed up in darkness torment, hope begins to contour.

Gathering up inspiration, collecting broken shards of thoughts,

The end has come, a warrior formed, battle fought.

Now all that is left is the remains of a...


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