Push, Push, Push

October 5, 2012
Slowly she walks through the halls,
Ignoring the taunts and the cruel calls.
She raises her chin high
As she promises herself she will not say goodbye.

The girl refuses to run away;
It is here she will stay.

They reach out with greedy fingers.
Retracting their claws and replacing them with stingers.

Silently the girl pleads to be left alone.
Push, Push, Push,
They chant in robotic tones.

Hurt beats within.
Every day the same as the last,
A gash that never seems to overcast.

Vicious names at the unknown girl.
We don't know her but let’s take it for a whirl.

Push, Push, Push,
Is how they live.
Take all and leave nothing to give.

Attacked day by day.
Do you have nothing to say?

Clothes, shoes, style, hair...
Why do you even care?

Individuality is beauty.
But is that what you see
When you're looking at me?

No, of course not.
Just a silly girl.
Not a lot.

This is how we live.
Don't you see?
That girl could be you or me.

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evalash said...
Oct. 12, 2012 at 12:33 pm
i really like your poem ,its really touching and i can relate to it. maybe check out my work somtime.
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