No men are foreign

July 29, 2012
By Anonymous

I am in 8th class. I want to be a doctor; I am also good at studies. My best friend is Kush Madhu. He is an average boy with black complexion. We often become enemies and then again friends and then again enemies and then again friends. We try to show our anger and revenge by insulting each other in front of others but sometimes I think that we are doing wrong because, as we fight, other people take advantage of that. And laugh on us. He wants to become an engineer in future and wants to study in Germany and I want to become a doctor and I want to study in US. We enjoy our lives talk with each other support each other but fight more than that and think bad about each other and have wrong intentions for each other. And we also give bad ideas which will cause harm to each other. My favorite movie series is twilight series which includes: Twilight, The twilight saga:-New moon, the twilight saga: - Eclipse and the Breaking Dawn part 1 and 2. But I like Eclipse the most because there is good action in it. I love to read books I want one book from a lot of time which is, ‘The reader’s digest’ it is a very good monthly magazine. But I don’t have a single edition of it. But I want to have one and I want to buy it from Kush Madhu from Rs.20.

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