Nothing But Her And I

July 19, 2012
By , Queens, NY
She whispers to me
"Worthless Your ugly and fat Your Nothing!"
Everyday these words are said to me I try everyday to please her but it seems to never be enough
Going weeks with an empty feeling emtpy stomach "starvation is the key to happieness she says to me" Drinking instead of eating is what satisfied her
Still everytime I pass my reflection I die inside stress ashamed and nothing but hate and tears build up in me
She has no heart
she controls my mind how I live
Who I am
"Why is everyone so perfectly happy?"
All those girls with amazing figures beautiful perfect lives and no complications
How I would yearn for that to be me
I would die just to live their lives
Shes so hard to satisfy
I have been trying losing pounds
still I need to push myself because that's what makes her happy
I am losing myself
losing everyone
I'm stuck with her
So I have become

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