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June 14, 2012
To live in separate hemispheres
And keep in touch throughout the years
With strange and convoluted twists
The souls had always wanted this:

A bond transcends some mere connection
That only found upon reflection
A friend for you and you to me
With genuine reciprocity

We talked with others, a little while
But often found it bleak and vile
We decided then, made up our mind
Together to leave them behind

Though not for long, for we’d come back
A brief escape, to just relax
Away from gossip, teenager’s strife
Him this, her that, trifling and rife

And replace it with a sky cocoon
Our little secret, our sacred room
To share within our hopes and fears
To scream those screams and cry those tears

But then we dry our eyes and laugh
And here I speak on our behalf
Those memories un-forgettable
And that friendship un-regrettable

The end was said to then approach
We hugged goodbye and huddled close
To share last words and few confessions
Which ended in large, lunged digressions

And at the close when you had gone
I pondered hard and pondered long
The question that our futures hold
And what might be lost when they unfold

And then it dawned, a sinking sorrow
That our yesterdays won’t hold tomorrow
That our sky cocoon had come unspun
Then back to earth, our dreams were done

So distance becomes defining law
To lose a friend, a loss so raw
Or that we grasp this now with grief
A disillusionment, a disbelief

But then I thought this my friend
Can there ever be an end?
We’ll travel together, through the stars
Go back after coming so far?

We’ll weave again that sky cocoon!
Depart at noon and to the moon!
Though we find ourselves apart for now
We'll stay connected, someway, somehow.

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bagley777 said...
Sept. 20, 2012 at 7:13 pm
I really like how the words flow. A wonderful piece of writing.(:
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