A Woman

July 13, 2012
By JimbobMcNugget BRONZE, Lake Charles, Louisiana
JimbobMcNugget BRONZE, Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Of all the art
In all the world
Nothing's more beautiful
Than the female form
No matter how big
And no matter how small
Whether she's short
Or whether she's tall
A woman is a blossoming flower
In the winter, spring, summer, and fall
Soft, dignified features
A voice of melodies
She's your Aphrodite
Rising from the sea
Strong and commanding
Never one to lament
She the queen
Conquering your planet
No matter how she looks
Or who she is
A woman is amazing
So don't forget
That with billions of people
Living on Earth
(Not to mention 340,500 daily births)
If you can't love her
Or fight those battles uphill
She won't have to look to far
To find someone who will

The author's comments:
So many girls I know don't realize how amazing they are, nor do many of the guys they know. That's what inspired this poem.

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