Villain In The Night

June 4, 2012
By dysfuntellect DIAMOND, Yorktown, Virginia
dysfuntellect DIAMOND, Yorktown, Virginia
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If you wonder why I'm quiet,
you may end up being right,
you see, not so long ago,
my mom was murdered in the night.

No one knows the person,
No one knows why he did,
He might have been a stalker,
or a cold blooded villain.

Either way, she was murdered,
how much i miss her so,
the way she sat in her rocking chair,
reading, rocking, no.

Now she's gone, what shall I do,
there's nowhere else to go,
I stay at the church at night,
and stay for every choir show.

There's not much to do now,
but work harder in school,
my dad ran off when I was little,
Mom said he was scared, so he moved.

But I've always wondered about him,
I've never seen pictures around,
sometimes I would wonder if he would ever come back in town.

But no siblings, I have, look out for me,
I guess I'm on my own,
sharing taxes with the church,
and raising money for my mom's gravestone.

We never had enough money,
mom was struggling with 3 jobs,
I wish I could have helped her,
but at the time, I was too young.

I couldn't understand it,
Why she worked so much,
I feel guilty about complaining,
on why she's not here with us.

But now she really is not,
and now I feel really bad,
because maybe one of those days,
I could have helped her with the land.

Over time she became addicted,
I wondered why she didn't care,
I wonder still how I could have helped her,
but I didn't know how to prepare.

I wasn't usually on my own,
and now I really am,
You aren't guaranteed tomorrow,
You can't work around God's plan.

He made our plans for a reason,
to send better or worse on the way,
but one thing that I know for sure,
is that He's sending me better days.

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