Coming Out (Her Story)

June 6, 2012
By Anonymous

Sitting inside on a rainy afternoon,
While ignoring the elephant in the room.

Everyone’s wondering why they’re all here,
You have to tell them and hope they don’t shed a tear.

It seems as though you’ve forgotten how to speak,
What if they think that you’re a freak?

They always say you can tell them anything,
What if disappointment is all this brings?

Biting your lip and twirling your hair,
Avoiding the conversation would be unfair.

What if your family disowns you?
And tells you to pack your bags, they’re through.

What if God does not accept who you are?
And makes you feel like you won’t go far.

But this is your life,
And your wedding cake will have more than one wife.

Even though you’re full of doubt,
This is your time to come out.

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