Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

June 6, 2012

Monday the girl woke up late
She laid in her bed until eight
Her mom got real mad
Then crap from her dad
Monday was not a good day


Tuesday the clock stroke seven
The smell of burnt chicken was heaven
She got up in a hurry
But the chick was so furry
She ran from the chick and Kevin


Wednesday the phone rang so loud
She woke up with a great frown
‘Twas a horrible way
To start of a day
Oh Wednesday she hates you right now


Thursday is only a tease
She goes through without ease
They day is so long
But it will be gone
For Friday will be a big breeze


Friday’s the best day of all
‘Specially when we get to loll
She always goes out
Running about
Friday’s the day to go AWOL.

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