Please, Don't Follow Me

May 14, 2012
By Anonymous

I pray for thee,
Don’t follow my lead,
It’s a dangerous game,
And this food I don’t need.

“It’s scary, it’s crazy,
It’s Ludacris”
That’s the way they describe
The story of this mess;

They say “You’re beautiful”
“You’re not fat, your fine”
But they don’t see the rain
That falls from these Emerald eyes

My limbs, they are weak,
This food, I can’t eat
My eyes, they are barely open,
&& if they are, they still sleep

For my body is in
A forever sleep
For I am awake on the outside
But on the inside, I dream

Of the day where I am strong enough
To keep it away;
Of the day I can look at myself
&& not turn away.

My eyes, they are glazed;
My soul, it has been ripped
My heart, it is cold
And my mind, it is split

One part says:
“What are you doing?
You don’t deserve that,
To the bathroom, hurry”.

But one part says:
“You really need help;
You are fighting a battle
You’ll never win by yourself”

So I’ll stand alone,
And fight this myself
Whatever it takes,
Whatever may help;

Because what is this health?
I don’t need to be full.
&& What is sickness
When you are beautiful?

So pay no attention,
But may my warning you heed
This game I play,
It is nothing you need

As I write this now,
My hands they shake,
My heart it breaks,
&& My soul, it quakes

I may reiterate,
But please just remember
I’m fighting a battle
That may last forever

So ignore my choices,
And take this advice I give
I’m a poor excuse for strength
And this is no way to live;

The author's comments:
Oh Ana, Oh Mia, why must you take my life?

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