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May 4, 2012
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i miss the old you
i miss those cute things you used to do
it seems like you don't care
and when i need you the most, your never there
you claim you'll change
but when it comes to it, your stay the same
Moody, and you take it out on me
If this keeps happening, we will no longer be a we
you blow me off all the time
but when im with other people its a crime?
you do these things and you think its okay
but if i did it youd ignore me all day
it seems like all i hear now is lie after lie
wheres the cory i used to know,that sweet caring guy
don;t you see how much your hurting me
i dont wanna end this now
i wanna see you try and turn things around
i really do love you
but you dont seem to see the things i do...
im tired of being treated like this
if you dont change ill give you one last kiss
Because it will be your last hear me say that your mine
one last time for me to say to you...i love you

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