How Dance Marathon Changed Me

April 18, 2012
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I signed up at first not really aware of what the whole thing was about
I just knew that it was for a hospital, Riley Children’s Hospital to be exact
We raise money, by standing on our feet and don’t worry people are keeping count
As the event comes closer we all have a list of what has been on track
It was the first year done by my high school and I was a freshman too
I was very excited by the knowledge that all four years I could participate
We didn’t really understand how much we could accomplish and do
Until the event actually happened and 75 kids arrived who had saved the date
It meant so much that all of our work had finally paid off
But more than that above it all it was the kids we were standing for
The kids in the hospital different conditions some had a serious cough
It didn’t matter what disease each kid we would adore
They would tell their story while we were on one knee to show repect
They were so inspiring each and every one they were always fighting
I don’t know if they realize that they can make an affect
So here I am after the Dance Marathon, yes of course I am writing
As a first year marathon we managed to raise ten thousand dollars
And as my friend made that announcement the room filled with joy
Everybody screamed and shouted and just began to holler
At that time I think we realized how much people had really enjoyed
The event that was for the kids, just for them
And one special girl who never gave up
Still in our eyes, up in heaven, shines like a gem

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