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April 15, 2012
By shar_LiteXD GOLD, New Haven, Connecticut
shar_LiteXD GOLD, New Haven, Connecticut
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“We have no right to express an opinion until we know all of the answers" -Kurt Cobain

One man's died for another's joy
Then there's the death of an innocent bystander boy
We can be at the wrong place at the wrong time
Anywhere we go
Who's to say we're ever really safe?
Some people just think but they don't really know Don't know how I'm making it on this earth
Im just doing what I need to survive
But I have no idea what its really worth
Who's to say what we do here
Has any good for the end?
What's the point of getting attached to someone
When someday, naturally, you'll lose that friend?
And we hurt so bad, but we're forced to start again
What's the point of trying to make it?
Why am I forced to smile through tears
And told simply to "fake it"?
Why should we all pretend to accept the world as it is
I feel life is but a show
And all that? That's just show biz

The author's comments:
To some degree, everybody is thinking it.

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