March 31, 2012
By christina johnson SILVER, Houston, Texas
christina johnson SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Light broke through the gray streaked clouds
Raising interest among the body packed crowds
The dark silhouette stark against the dawning sky
I wonder if they too can see it as they pass by
But no, only mild indifference pasted on their sun kissed faces
That is, until mechanical ships landed from seemingly multiple of places
Some stood in a fear induced haze
While others brushed past me in a hell Mary craze
A raging horde of people sparing me not even a glance
Despite their fallen comrades, on they still advance
These green skinned aliens you see
Were clearly not the genial creatures fabricated on TV
Causing but destruction and pain
Leaving behind workers that lay ruthlessly slain
And there I stood rooted to the ground
I had no choice but to hang around
After everything was said and done
I found myself looking out over the rising sun
Ashes and bone scattered over the entirety of the world
It was then that my insanity unfurled
Everyone was gone except little old me
But what could I do?
I was only but a tree

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