Cruel December

March 17, 2012
By Donovanet SILVER, Avon, Indiana
Donovanet SILVER, Avon, Indiana
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A living ghost haunts all of me
I tremble at night.just let me be
The nights are longer than I remember
Its so much colder this December

Each day I come to realize, no matter what the sun will rise
Yet still I struggle to remember
The hope I found that cold December

The water steals my breath away
Numbs my feelings.numbs the pain.
My heart will sink me to the ground.
The ice froze over. I won't be found.

Is it living, if I live a lie
If I can't answer the question why
For I lose hope when I remember
The way you held me that December

But when I open up my eyes
The ghost it has me paralyzed
And so to sleep I do surrender
Take me from this cruel December

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