February 24, 2012
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Early mornings watching cartoons
Eating Lucky Charms with a spoon
Overalls and light-up shoes
Never missing an episode of Blue’s Clues

Disney movies when they were good
Running all over the neighborhood
Barbies, Hot Wheels, Pokemon cards
School was fun and never hard

Reading picture books that rhyme
Going on the internet for the first time
Playdates arranged by our mothers
Games at recess with the others

Sunny days spent outside
Bike rides, tag, seek-and-hide
Playing until the sun went in
Then waiting for another fun day to begin

Sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles
Having no real worries or troubles
Endless free time spent with friends
Never realizing this would someday end

This was my childhood, it came and went
Too fast, yet it was very well spent.
Times have changed and so have I
But deep down, I’ll always be a kid inside.

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