Sight Lost To The World We Know.

February 7, 2012
This is the whole world we know,
All of it is such a good show,
With our underlying problems and cries,
The feelings we know are our own lies,

We do not ask ourselves why,
We just go and go on by,
Day and night it is all the same,
We know no feeling, except the shame,

We pass from day into the night,
till we have lost all of our sight,
And then we're thrown into lovers arms,
All we can see is they're deadly charms,

We know no sympathy, only lust,
Our hearts have all, but turned into rust,
We all know the first love that was lost,
We know it came at a very big cost,

We all drive each other away,
Hoping that love will make its way
We hope to get, but to never give,
We all think that is the way to live,

In lovers arms we don't know fear,
We ignore the cries that are near
We don't picture each others life,
because to know everyone is only a strife,

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