Careless World

January 26, 2012
By 73582flightlessbird SILVER, Paramount, California
73582flightlessbird SILVER, Paramount, California
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This world doesn't care,
you might think it's a living nightmare.

Drugs are sell in every corner,
it smells like blood cause of all the murders.

This world is full of hate,
there is no one sexually straight.

All the people complain
because what they want they can't obtain.

This world is depressed,
of everything they get obsessed.

There is nothing new in the news,
what they say is something I already knew.

This world has grown,
because teenagers can't calm their hormones.

Pregnant the girls get
from a guy they just met.

But may you not worry because this world will end,
and from the heavens God will descend.

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