Growing Up

January 5, 2012
By loveisthemovement3713 BRONZE, Groton, Massachusetts
loveisthemovement3713 BRONZE, Groton, Massachusetts
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When you leave that welfare line
Everybody's hitting you with
"Look at the time!"
You see a world
Rushing by
You feel the push to
Tell those lies
But when the reals catch you
There are no second tries
Try to make peace
There's no compromise
Once you grow up you gotta
Watch those ties
Cause once you start
You wont recognize
It'll hit you
By surprise
Wont help if you're experienced
It wont help it you're wise
You'll still be getting those
"My oh my's
He's just as bad as
All other guys"
That's when that part of you
Suddenly dies
When all questions need answers
And reasons why
You'll get the low
From your old highs
They never bother
To say hi
But you don't either
You just sigh
You have forgotten
Too much to cry
You go trudging
Through what you used to glide
Where do these old days
Live and abide?
When do these new days
Begin to subside?
You know when I see
A good wave from the tide?
When I see that flame
When I look in your eyes.

The author's comments:
I really like the meaning this poem conveys. There are no stanzas, because life after you grow up goes on and on. You read the same rhymes over and over. You live the same times over and over. It happens to everyone when they grow up. When I entered high school, I grew up, and I felt like I lost everything. Everything was hard, you had to follow standards and expectations, fight stereotypes and rumors. It expresses the voices of the unheard.

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