The Duty Debate

December 14, 2011
By MBentley2013 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
MBentley2013 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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Number one or number two,
We all know what we have to do.
You may think you're about to burst,
But you must raise your hand first,
And talk to the teacher too.

"Only if it's an emergency" they say,
This can only be answered with "I haven't gone all day!"
They question your decision,
And you begin to hate them with a passion.
You beg and pled to try and get your way.

"Look, I need to use the restroom" you yell!
Only resulting in an angry look and a sassy "Well",
You know if you don't leave now it will be too late.
So you sit there and have a mental debate.
Your bladder is aching and you can feel it swell.

You have a pained look that you try not to share.
"Do I walk out or try to be fair"
They are mad because of that nasty yell.
So as a punishment they give demonic smile and say "Wait until the bell!"
So you sit there for a second and take it as long as you can bare.

The only options now are to leave or do your duty where you are,
So you wait until you're unnoticeable, and spread your legs afar.
Right then and there, while everyone gives you a deathly stare,
You tinkle, and for once you a relieved to be in the dunce chair.
Even though people judged you and think you're bazaar.

The author's comments:
One day in my last class my teacher told me to wait to use the restroom, so while i waited, i wrote this.

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