Embracing an Unknown Face.

January 3, 2012
By a.n.n.a. BRONZE, Carlisle, Other
a.n.n.a. BRONZE, Carlisle, Other
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To embrace an unknown face, is an unusually hard thing to do
As you have to take into account the impression they’ll have on you.

What about if they don’t like the look of me?
Will they see the real me inside?
These may be the sort of questions that are repeating through your mind.

But beneath the flaws of each fragile face, and the withered skin and bone,
The beauty of the beholder, is longing to unfold.

As they are not a judging menace, but indeed more like a frightened little fay
who have had the same thoughts running through their mind, on the same specific day.

So be gentle and reassuring and act in good health,
But I beg of you, please don’t forget to be yourself.
As the person standing opposite you isn’t here to judge the features that lie above your skin…

But is their hoping that they can make an everlasting bond
With the beauty which lies within.

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