The Unfriendly Farmer

December 14, 2011
There Once was a farmer named Douglas McPoing.
He was exceptionally good at sewing.
However he was not very outgoing.
One day on his farm he heard a troubled crow crowing.
The crow asked the Farmer for help but the farmer said he had to be going.
“You see, I have a large field that needs mowing.”
Undetered the crow contiued to state his problem, “I lost a valuable
necklace across the river where the flowers are growing.”
The greedy farmer decided to go sneak off and find it for himself, so
he got in a boat and started rowing.
Half way in the across the river, the farmer noticed two large dots in
the sky that were glowing.
To his surprise, it was a low flying Boeing.
The large plane flew so low that it rattled the oars right out of the
boat and stranded the farmer so that he would need to be rescued by
The Farmer shouted for the crows help but the crow said he must be going.
“You see, there is a strong breeze blowing and I really must be going.”

The moral of the story is to be helpful and outgoig to everyone
because you may not know when you’ll need their help.

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