Put Away the Rain

December 7, 2011
By 14EmmaPoland SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
14EmmaPoland SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I'm running and running
searching for a way
that we can be together
day by day
When things are good
things are great
but when things are bad
out love is what we hate
We love each other
with no doubt
if we didn't have that
we wouldn't work out
Its hard to feel
like what i do isn't right
and the harder i try
the more we seem to fight
I can only try so much
till I'm out of things to do
till I'm left with emptiness
and anger towards you
Ive made you happy in the past
but now it seems as though the tables have turned
that's sooner or later
out promises could be burned
Its hard to look at you and think
that out happiness is drifting
that maybe what we had
has started shifting
Maybe I'm wrong
just psyching myself out
but all this anger
makes me want to shout
I want to shout at the worlds
shout at you
i want to shout at me
because this frustration is over due
you think i want happiness
but only for me
but if you really knew
you'd see more Importantly
i want happiness for you
i want smile returned
and skies back to blue
I cant take this stress
I cant take this pain
you not being happy
or this hurt that's all in vane
Begin to understand
i do try
that i do want us forever
that i no longer want to cry
I want you forever
because i love you Hun
so lets put away the rain
and bring out the sun.

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