All becuase of you

December 7, 2011
By 14EmmaPoland SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
14EmmaPoland SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
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When i lay next to you
when listen to you breathe
there's so much happening
there's so much moving me
is it the way you hold me close
the way you hold me tight
the way you kiss my lips
or the way you say goodnight

When i see you my heart skips a beat
i cant help but smile
although its hard to stay on my feet
you'd think after so long this feeling would drift
but seeing your face
makes my spirits slowly life

when i think of you
i wonder if you think of me
i wonder if you think what i think
if were meant to be
i wonder if were caught in the moment
or if were just lost
i wonder if this road were on will ever be crossed

When I'm around you
tI'me flies so fast
because were so lost in the moment
its although tI'me doesn't last
when I'm around you
its I'mpossible to be down
because i know your there
and you always make my world go round

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