Hope in a bottle

November 20, 2011
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Simply mellow, though often rough,
The large white waves; so mighty, so tough
Atop the lush, blue mass,
Floats a bottle, made of glass.

Within the bottle, there lies a note,
As sacred as a sunken boat
The bottle waits to be discovered,
So the secret within, can be uncovered.

Across a pond, it seems to be,
But it drifts across an open sea
Pounded by mountains of white and blue,
The bottle appears on the shores of Peru.

Along strolls a little sad boy,
Abused by life, like an old broken toy
With dark brown hair, and light brown eyes,
He gazes over where the bottle lies.

With hesitation and doubt in his heart,
He pauses, then begins to start
"When life seems to push you aside,
whatever you do, hold onto your pride."

For the first time in a long while,
That little bout couldn't help but to smile
He folded the paper, and placed it back in,
And threw it in the water, to float away, yet again.

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