Two Doors On The End Of A House

November 3, 2011
By talkativekiwi BRONZE, San Anselmo, California
talkativekiwi BRONZE, San Anselmo, California
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One door open the other one closed,
Leading to a place nobody knows,
Left or right? The sign is clear,
Take the door that is near.

The door that's locked is at stake,
For it is the future I cannot make,
Success or failure? The path has stopped,
For the door that lies is deeply locked.

One door open and really bright,
Letting me see into the light,
I see what's near and what's to come,
This path is stretchy just like gum.

The author's comments:
This poem is about decisions. I have two choices to make but I can't decide. One of the choices is risky and it is my first time doing this activity while the other is something I have done for a long time.

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