October 25, 2011
By thedorkinator BRONZE, Bristol, Connecticut
thedorkinator BRONZE, Bristol, Connecticut
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You were always so distant
As if you were miles away
But here you are in front of me
Turning my world to grey
Why you were so bitter
I couldnt understand
Making me fall again and again
Then holding out your hand
Why are you so vicious
Then the next day so nice
Dont even try to make things right
If youll only turn to ice
Do you think its ok to let me down
Then act like were alright
Im done with you bringing me down
I dont want another fight
What kind of sick game are you playing
Its tearing me apart
Wheres the pause button Id like to get out
Because your playing with my heart
You say you want to be there
I know their empty words
I know deep down youll never change
And your no longer heard

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