Ode to Summer Reading

October 16, 2011
I don't mind hours of homework during the school year
I study for exams with nothing to fear
However, during the summer I don't want to work
You can call me a lazy, irresponsible jerk
But I bet you can't find a single teenager who thinks differently
Even if you interrogate them very gently
Summer is about taking many photographs you want to keep
Not having to count sheep just to fall asleep
Summer is about laughing with friends
Not worrying about how your essay should end
I never rest in school, not until the work is done
During the summer I go to the pool, walking around and having fun
Summer reading, the books stacked on my nightstand
I stare at you when I would rather be lying in the sand
Page by page, Word by word
Glancing up when I hear a bird
Only two weeks left of summer
You've been on my mind the whole time, what a bummer
You will be finished, potentially
Considering I need to graduate, eventually

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