you are a drinker

September 12, 2011
The fire in your eyes tells me its over

when was the last time you were sober?

i cant believe after all that we've been through

how much just half a bottle can do.

you said that you weren't a huge drinker

and i thought you were a thinker.

but now I'm standing all alone,

in battlefield of my own.

we used to forever fight side-by-side.

we used to stay awake at night.

talking forever and ever

hoping the moment would never end.

now i know the sacred truth

of which is really keeping me from you.

please stop drinking like this,

and please put down your fists.

I'm sick and tired of you starting a fight,

can we just have peace for one night?

i miss the tI'mes we used to have,

you used to make me so glad..

but now you're nothing but blazing mad.

i love you, or at least once i did.

before you were truly a drinker..before you told me the fib..

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