Save me..

September 12, 2011
By Anonymous

when i meed you the most you're gone, never wanting back in my life.
i cant go through all this s*** alone, he said my mother was a bad wife.
the devil burns in his eyes, an evil spirit commands his every move.
so now I'm running from his screams, the demonic laughter rings in my ears.
you aren't here to protect me anymore, or even to save me from my fears.
i want to feel safe again, i want to live in a home without being frightened,
that the man who used to be in control of it, wont be the one to destroy it.
all of the things I'm saying, wont ever be back to normal.
he will always be crazed, you will always be gone.
i will always be in this home, waiting for thgins to go wrong.
but he will awlays be hunting for the love he never received.
when he first met my mother, only she was deceived.
and the devil creates his human, taking control of his every move.
soon he will loosing everything good in life, he doesn't even notice.
so as i run farther and farther, from the man who i once called father.
you walk faster and faster away, only you walk with no shame.
leaving me here with myself to blame, for the things we once had and everything we lost.
I'm half withing at this point that i kept everything shut tight in that box
at the corner of the room, where nobody can see it,
he cut my heart out and left it open bleeding.
so now you know I'm running away, faster then ever.
with no heart to control my temper.
smashing through walls like the hulk himself,
blaming myself, oh I'm blaming myself.
and i can see you standing there,
you see me and you stare
you look at me as though you don't care.
okay I'm through with running,
hes not far behind but the thought of dying front of you,
that should really give you a scare.
so now you spend your lonely nights, thinking of how everything was right

he has me now, you stare in fright
he picks me up with all his might
throws me on the ground, kicks me to the side.
why do you just look on? why don't you give a fight???

it only takes one more whack
now everything is fading to black...

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on Sep. 29 2011 at 2:01 am
really good babe

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