May 4, 2011
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I have a trait that is unseen
One Im afraid to show
But one day it will happen
Itll be uncovered and youll know
Jealousy is hard to hide
And so far Ive done well
But soon this secret will blow up
And send my life to hell.
Seeing beautiful girls at school
My first thought is to hide
But I eat my fears and walk right in
Pretending that theyve died.
Images of you flash through my mind
Sweet thoughts that make me smile
But images of them intrude the scene
And it adds another mile
To this hike of being the best
So no one will steal you away
I fight so hard to hide my worries
About you every day
Youll leave me for that one chick
Who made fun of me in the hall
Or anyone for that matter
The world can screw them all
Unbroken promises fill my mind
As I ride home at days end
I need to say whats on my mind
I need a comfort, a friend.
Realizing I should go to you
I know that you will care
But the sheer embarrassment of telling you
Is just too much to bear...

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