Only on the Shore

July 18, 2011
By gigi01 GOLD, Seffner, Florida
gigi01 GOLD, Seffner, Florida
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At the shoreline I stand
Salty breeze tossing my mane
I have entered these depths once
But never shall again

The waters so royally hued
Their tumblings of the waves
Always moving never to stop
I knew them in former days

But now I stand at the very edge
The waves just at my toes
And though the sea beckons me
In its deep I shall not go

I was hurt once out there
My fear restrains
So I keep myself from the joy
Of pure oceanic games

I alone hold myself back
For me that is cause enough to stay
So discontent, but surely safe
On the shore I’ll spend my day

Though the sea welcomes me
And danger is not likely there
I’ll stay where I am
Sad, but safe from my fear

The ocean could heal me
I’ll never let it though
I refuse to take the risk
Of getting hurt once more

So my eternity is a lonely one
Never joined again with the great blue
But that remains my choice
Don’t let my fate happen to you

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This article has 2 comments.

gigi01 GOLD said...
on Jul. 23 2011 at 11:14 am
gigi01 GOLD, Seffner, Florida
17 articles 0 photos 64 comments
 Thanks and yes! That's exactly what it means... I'm comparing missed opportunities to just standing on the edge of the sea. I never say it in the poem, it is only implied, so it is open for interpretation. Fear holds you back from going in the sea, so you spend your existance on the shoreline, just feeling part of the waves. That's what happens in life if you let fear hold you back. 

Brandy48 said...
on Jul. 23 2011 at 12:52 am
Aww, this poem is so sad...which separates it from your other ones.  I really enjoyed the analogy of the sea meaning life or that what you were trying to convey?  Either way, it works.


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