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true blood

June 18, 2011
By jaselisa GOLD, Greensboro, Maryland
jaselisa GOLD, Greensboro, Maryland
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some people say bloods thicker than water but the relationship of the family may be the size of a quarter.
i call you blood but wat is thicker your like my fam and nothing thinner.
you not a friend nothing near foe my time with you is never let go.
red a flowing in my veins when i drop a tear your clouds filled with rain when i go silly your perfectly sain.
got your back through love a guilt but for your kindness your cup is fillet.
true blood is more than a friendship can hold what i know about you is a story that's bold and our relationship i began to mold to see what your bright mind holds.
cuz fam whatever you say i call that whack cause to me y'all are more than that.
you my blood my fluid that my heart pumps in our relationship we skip over the bumps.

The author's comments:
my you never know how important family is till you can relate to them.

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