My Cat Pepper

June 30, 2011
By Antoinette16 GOLD, Ringgold, Georgia
Antoinette16 GOLD, Ringgold, Georgia
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I have this cat named pepper
I've had him for awhile.
I remember his first night with me
he tinkled on my towel.

This cat of mine named Pepper
is such a major pain.
He meows all night long
It's driving me insane!

Pepper loves to run and play
eat, poop, and sleep.
I tell you if it wasn't for the tail
I'd think he is a human baby.

Pepper meows for attention and food-
he meows no matter what I do.
I promise you I think he meows
just to see me cringe at the sound.

My black cat is quite the catch.
all the females think so.
why else would he run out the house
and not return until 12.

My black cat Pepper
is such a major pain.
But I wouldn't trade him for the world
nor a diamond ring.

The author's comments:
Pepper was a stray cat in my neighborhood and he would follow me to the bust stop every morning for weeks. I'm not much of a cat person(that's the understatement of the year), but he was so adorable I gave him and begged my mom to keep him. Nine months later and he's still as annoying as he was on day way.

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