Forgotten Friend

May 23, 2011
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I know a story, I know it very well
A story that I’d love to tell
A story about my only friend
I made a mistake, and she met her end

Now this story, you’ll read
Has a warning you must heed
There’s a moral of the story
And I must say, I feel sorry

The poem that you read, I say
Is not randomized in any way
This is true, and yes it’s so
Of a girl who had to go

Now this girl, my only friend
I’d tell you her name, but I forget
I knew this girl, whom no one knows
I tell you, now, her smile glowed

You probably think I’m lying,
But I am not denying
I promise you that it’s the truth
For this girl was of my youth

Oh, yes this girl, she was my age
And she’ll forever stay the same
She stayed the same for several years
And we both had the same kind of fears

I never had to tell her secrets,
She always knew without regret,
My only friend that I had loved
Who died from the lack there of

I miss this girl, when I’m alone
The coolest part, she lived in my home
Me and this girl, we were always close
I don’t know why I wanted her to go

I know not her name, but of who she was
She was my best friend and that is because
I miss her so much, when I become weary,
She had to go…she was only imaginary…

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