The Storm Passing

May 23, 2011
By StarHearted SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
StarHearted SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Listen to what your heart tells you. Follow your heart. I promise you'll be happy you did.

Well, well I was right
For the first time I'm sure
I know I won the battle
My happiness is too pure

Why else would I tell him?
I thought id said it before
I didn't think he shared the feeling
But his words were my cure

Said he was glad
That he made me happy that way
But he doesn't yet know his feelings
I know he will someday

Why would I go for the other?
If there wasn't the slightest chance?
I'm so close with him...
For HIM my eyes dance

He makes me too happy
Why on Earth would I hurt?
Over something if only for nothing?
If I would only land in the dirt?

I'm willing to try
Because I've NEVER been this near
There's only one problem
That I'll one day clear

I knew I could!
I knew this was mine!
The win, the victory
I didn't even need the time

Only ONE could EVER be
Just one isn't impossible
The only one that's a possibility

Take that thunder!
I struck back at the storm
With my own lightning
A feeling inside, so warm

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